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Luciano Pavarotti.
If God hadn’t given him to us
we would have had to create him by ourselves.

Franco Zeffirelli

With the aim of keeping alive the professional and human legacy of beloved Maestro , the Pavarotti Foundation has decided to create a sort of permanent monument to his memory, turning his Modenese villa (the place where he spent the last years of his life and where he passed away) into a museum.

He would have been certainly happy because this house has marked important moments of his later years; moreover, his imperishable memory will for ever sink its roots in the Emilia land, which he loved so much.

When he was born,
God kissed his vocal cords.

Herbert Von Karajan

The house of Maestro Pavarotti was terminated in 2005; it is located in the area he had bought in the mid-eighties, in the countryside near the town of Modena.
In this same area Pavarotti had cultivated his passion for horses, building stables and opening a riding school. Since 1991, for 11 years, he hosted in this estate a prestigious show jumping competition (CSIO), attended by the most famous show-jumpers of the international equestrian circuit.

The villa, where Maestro spent the last years of his life, has been designed following the instructions and drawings he gave to architects and engineers who have supervised the construction. Many objects were made by blacksmiths, carpenters, carvers and decorators from all over Italy, who have created unique products.

Even today, this home reflects in every detail the personality of the one who imagined it. The house treasures personal items that Maestro loved and holds the memories of his days spent with family, friends and young students.

The visit to this house will enable visitors to experience Pavarotti in the warm light of his most intimate rooms, to gently approach to his memory knowing his daily habits, finding the man he was once behind the scenes.

Visitors will cherish the opera costumes so dear to him, pictures and videos marking his great artistic career, the countless awards and recognitions he received throughout more than forty years in opera houses around the world, his personal items and memorabilia.



The iconographic story about the long career that has made Pavarotti one of the most renowned and loved artists in the world.

From the debut to the great open-air concerts, in order to make the opera “heritage of all” again.

In the first part of the volume, the chapter L’Opera displays the images of Pavarotti in all the roles played on stage (29), often reporting also personal thoughts and notes of the tenor about the characters;
in the chapter Fuori dal Coro, it is marked the moment in which Pavarotti has brought the opera beyond the traditional areas with the aim of making it popular – meeting immense audiences in parks, in arenas, in large open spaces. An unconventional choice, once again told with the tenor’s words;
the opening towards “the masses” has given Pavarotti a global and transversal dimension; this allowed him to meet many important personalities – becoming Grande tra i Grandi (“great among the greats”) – as reported by the letters and testimonies of many of them;
finally, the Biography describes the whole artistic path and the most important stages of the career.

Info & Prices

Individual and group visits

Opening hours: Every day from 10.00am to 6.00pm
Suggested last time for visit: 5.15pm

Closing: 1 January, 24, 25, 26 December.

Reduced entry tickets are granted to:
• Over 65 years
• Young between 12 and 18 years
• Groups of at least 20 people*
• Roman School Students
Subscribers to:
• Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti, Modena
• Italian Touring Club
Day Welfare voucher accepted

Free entry
Children up to 11 years.

free ticket for the group’s guide; no audio-guide for groups but possibility to book guided tour (in different languages);

* reservation required calling at: + 39 059 460778 or writing at:

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Casa Museo Luciano Pavarotti
Stradello Nava, 6 – Modena (MO) – Italy

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